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Solar DIY KIT + 3 Solar Eclipse Glasses

Solar DIY KIT + 3 Solar Eclipse Glasses

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This all-inclusive kit combines the awe-inspiring elements of the sun, earth, and moon, providing an immersive learning experience about celestial mechanics and the captivating phenomenon of a solar eclipse.

This battery-operated marvel allows children to witness the celestial ballet firsthand. The kit includes meticulously crafted models of the sun, earth, and moon, each equipped with rotational capabilities. With the click of a button, children can observe the moon orbiting around the earth and the earth's graceful revolution around the sun, further deepening their understanding of our planet's place in the solar system.

To make this educational experience even more engaging, the kit features six vibrant paint colors, along with a special luminous glow paint. Children can unleash their artistic talents and customize the sun, earth, moon, and an enchanting galaxy plate. This creative aspect not only promotes artistic expression but also aids in visualizing the celestial bodies, enhancing the overall learning experience.

To ensure a safe and immersive exploration of a solar eclipse, the Solar DIY Kit includes three solar eclipse glasses. With these high-quality glasses, children can safely observe a solar eclipse, grasping the wonders of this rare celestial event.

With the Solar DIY Kit: Sun, Earth, and Moon Exploration, children will embark on a captivating adventure through space, unlocking the mysteries of our cosmic neighborhood. Encourage learning, creativity, and curiosity with this innovative kit, as young minds discover the intricate dance between the sun, earth, and moon, while exploring the captivating phenomena of a solar eclipse.

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