Top spots to watch Eclipse in Indianapolis, Indiana

Top spots to watch Eclipse in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, the vibrant capital city of Indiana, is about to witness the most amazing spectacle of the year, a total solar eclipse. This April 8th, this rare astronomical event will beckon astronomy enthusiasts to find the perfect spot for an unforgettable viewing experience. Here are the four best places in Indianapolis to witness the awe-inspiring total solar eclipse.

🦅Eagle Creek Park:

Escape the urban hustle and immerse yourself in nature at Eagle Creek Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the United States. The expansive park, with its serene lakes and wooded areas, provides an excellent setting for witnessing the total solar eclipse. Find a cozy spot along the water's edge or on one of the park's many open fields, and revel in the celestial magic surrounded by the tranquility of Eagle Creek.

🎨Indianapolis Museum of Art Gardens:

For a blend of art and astronomy, head to the gardens of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. With its lush greenery and sculptures, the IMA Gardens offer a unique backdrop for observing the total solar eclipse. Wander through the garden paths, find a comfortable spot, and enjoy the eclipse in a setting that combines the beauty of nature with artistic expression.

🌲Holliday Park:

Nestled in the heart of Indianapolis, Holliday Park is a haven for nature lovers and eclipse enthusiasts alike. Explore the park's scenic trails and discover the perfect spot to witness the celestial event. Whether you choose to set up along the White River or find a secluded area within the park, Holliday Park provides a serene and accessible location for enjoying the total solar eclipse.

🏁Indianapolis Motor Speedway:

Experience the total solar eclipse in a truly iconic setting by heading to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. While known for its legendary race events, the speedway also offers a vast open space ideal for celestial observations. Set up your viewing area in the expansive infield, and witness the eclipse against the backdrop of this historic venue, adding a unique twist to your astronomical adventure.


As the total solar eclipse approaches, Indianapolis stands ready to host a celestial show like no other. From the natural beauty of Eagle Creek Park to the artistic surroundings of the IMA Gardens, the tranquil Holiday Park to the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the city offers a diverse range of locations for an unforgettable eclipse experience. Prepare for the event with proper eye protection and bask in the enchanting beauty of the total solar eclipse in the heart of Indiana's capital city.

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