Solar Eclipse 2023: How to Ensure Your Solar Eclipse Glasses are Safe

Solar Eclipse 2023: How to Ensure Your Solar Eclipse Glasses are Safe


Solar eclipses are breathtaking celestial events that captivate the world. Watching the moon obscure the sun is a memorable experience, but it comes with an important caveat: never look directly at the sun without proper eye protection. To enjoy this natural wonder safely, you need reliable solar eclipse glasses. In this article, we'll discuss how to ensure that your solar eclipse glasses are safe, with a focus on NASA-approved, ISO Certified 12312-2, and CE Certified glasses made in the USA.

The Importance of Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses

Solar eclipses are awe-inspiring, but the sun's intense light can cause serious eye damage, including solar retinopathy. Even a partial eclipse can harm your eyes, so it's crucial to protect them with certified eclipse glasses.

Check for NASA Approval

One of the first things to look for when purchasing eclipse glasses is NASA approval. NASA's stamp of approval ensures that the glasses have undergone rigorous testing and meet safety standards. These glasses are designed to block harmful solar radiation and allow you to view the eclipse safely.

ISO Certification (ISO Certified 12312-2)

ISO certification is another essential factor in determining the safety of your eclipse glasses. The ISO 12312-2 standard specifies the requirements for eclipse viewers. Make sure your glasses meet this standard to guarantee they offer adequate protection.

CE Certification

In addition to NASA approval and ISO certification, look for the CE (Conformité Européenne) mark on your eclipse glasses. This certification indicates that the glasses conform to European safety standards, further assuring their quality and safety.

Verify the Manufacturer's Information

Reputable manufacturers of eclipse glasses provide detailed information about their products, including the name and contact information of the manufacturer. Be cautious of generic or unbranded eclipse glasses, as they may not offer adequate protection.

Inspect the Glasses

Before using your solar eclipse glasses, perform a visual inspection. Ensure that the lenses are free from scratches, punctures, or other defects that could compromise their safety. Any damage to the glasses could potentially harm your eyes.

Follow Usage Instructions

Always follow the usage instructions provided with your solar eclipse glasses. These instructions are designed to maximize safety and enjoyment during the eclipse. Pay attention to any specific guidelines regarding the duration of use and storage.

Buy American-Made Glasses

If you want the assurance of quality, consider purchasing glasses that are made in the USA. American-made eclipse glasses are often subject to strict quality control measures and regulations, ensuring they meet safety standards.

Where to Find Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses

Now that you know what to look for in safe solar eclipse glasses, where can you find them? Many reputable retailers, science museums, and astronomical organizations sell certified eclipse glasses. You can also check online marketplaces, but exercise caution and verify the seller's reputation and product certifications.


Watching a solar eclipse is a memorable and awe-inspiring experience, but it should always be done safely. To protect your eyes and fully enjoy the event, ensure you have NASA-approved, ISO Certified 12312-2, and CE Certified solar eclipse glasses. By following these guidelines, you can confidently witness the beauty of a solar eclipse without compromising your vision. Remember, safety should always come first when viewing celestial events like solar eclipses.

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